Kateko OOD is a well-established Bulgarian company with a long-term experience in production of natural essential oils, natural aromatic products, raw materials for cosmetic, perfumery and pharmaceutical industries, as well as production of cosmetic products with natural ingredients. The products are produced in accordance with the EU requirements and are quality-certified by the officially legalized Bulgarian State laboratory. Our clients and partners are famous companies from France, USA and japan, specialized in the field of cosmetic, flavor and fragrances, perfumery, pharmacy and food supplements.
The company is a member of the Bulgarian National Association for Essential Oils, Perfumery and Cosmetics.


One of the basic conditions for production of high-quality aromatic products is the provision of quality raw materials (oil-yielding crops). The company owns its own crops, which are processed in accordance with the requirements for good agronomic practices and are located in ecologically clean regions:

  • The Largest lavender fields are located in the valley, enclosed between some of the most beautiful Bulgarian mountains – Pirin, Rila and Rhodope Mountains. Parts of these mountains are under the UNESCO protection and are designated as Bulgarian national parks.
  • The raw materials for production of pine essential oil are also derived from the same clean mountain regions. The raw materials are gathered according to a preliminary designated program and in coordination with the local environmental protection organizations, supporting the process of cleaning the mountain forests.
  • The rose fields are located on the southern slopes of the Sredna Gora Mountain, in the vicinity of the famous Rose Valley, where the unique climate and soil conditions favor the growth of the Bulgarian oil-yielding roses, from which the highest quality rose oil is produced.


In order to guarantee the high quality of our aromatic products we carry out regular year-round control over the growth process of oil-yielding crops and on the processed raw materials as well. The production facilities are located close to oil-bearing crops, thus ensuring the preservation of raw-materials’ valuable properties. Currently, we are in a process of certification of the production line in accordance with the requirements for good manufacturing practice (GMP).


The company owns modern production facilities, guaranteeing the high quality of the end products. The distillery equipment is with 103 cubic meters capacity, enabling the possibility for production 500 kg of rose oil and more than 25 000 kg of lavender essential oil. The technological equipment for continuous and static extraction, as well as extraction with a floating filter has a total capacity for production of 2000 to 2500 kg of rose concrete and about 500 kg of rose absolute.


  • GUARANTEE FOR THE QUALITY OF OUR PRODUCTS AND FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMERS’ NEEDS: Our basic goal is to offer our clients the highest level of quality of our products and services;
  • RESPECT FOR PEOPLE AND THE ENVIRONMENT: we strive to establish relationships of trust and loyalty with our customers, partners and employees based on respect, professionalism, work ethic and integrity;
  • A STRATEGY IN CONFORMITY WITH NATURE – this is our guiding principle of work: the aromatic products, offered by us are produced from raw materials, derived from ecologically clean regions and using environmentally friendly methods; Our products are not tested on animals.